What is CodeMotion? Get to know this great event

CodeMotion is the biggest tech conference in Europe, which includes tech sessions about all programming languages and all platforms. To get a feel of what’s it like, here’s a writeup of the last CodeMotion which was held in April 2014 in Rome:

Innovation and creativity, these were the keywords of the 4th edition of Codemotion Rome.

16 thematic tracks dedicated to developers and enterprise: among other topics, during the conference, talks about Mobile, Web, BigData, Cloud, User Experience were held.

Regarding coding languages, both functional and object-oriented, Codemotion attendees had the opportunity to discuss about new languages, such as Dart or Hack, libraries like Backbone.js or frameworks such as  Angular.JS, the new framework that have already captured the code scene.

During the event, 2073 participants attended  to 100 talks. For the first time in Italy, Google Glass were presented  by Alain Regnier, who spoke about his experience after almost a year of use of the latest Google device for augmented reality. Furthermore, a pearl  for the field of Italian makers has been introduced : open source software for the control of Slic3r 3d printers, designed by Alessandro Ranellucci.

A whole area of ​​the event was dedicated to makers. Dozens of gadgets have been created with 3D printers, available during the workshops. The participants were put to the test and made clothes interconnected with LEDs and sensors connected to the Internet.

The conference gave the opportunity to 15 startups to introduce themselves to the audience and to meet up with developers and lenders. Startups, selected as part of the StartupinAction program, have collected dozens of resumes of young developers who approached their desk. This event in the event demonstrated the vitality of the IT world (Information Technology) which, nowadays, according to the report presented by the European Commission President, Jose Manuel Barroso, offers over 400 thousand jobs in Europe, expected to double by 2015.

Even very young developers from “Codemotion Kids” animated the conference. Over 70 children between 5 and 13 years participated to the workshops.  Among robots and lamps built with pizza boxes and selfmade videogames, these baby-programmers took their first steps into the coding world.

“We are very pleased with the event – says Mara Marzocchi, co-founder of Codemotion – in these two days we have achieved an important result: to provide high quality content for developers and on the other hand we succeeded in committing  many people who do not  deal with programming languages ​​in their working experience, but who have realized the importance of coding in everyday life “. “The presence of strategic partners such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, Intel, IBM, Paypal, Telecom, has allowed the realization of an event beyond all expectations” – says Chiara Russo, CEO and co-founder of Codemotion.


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