From a Game to a Game Changer: Architecture Evolution in Practice

Sagi Mann


Everyone is talking about architecture and design patterns for software, but an often-overlooked challenge is how to migrate one architecture to another as your product evolves, while understanding the migration impact on existing users, customers, providers, and yourselves, whether as individuals or as part of a team. In this discussion, through personal experience and case studies, we’ll explore major methods to deal with architecture evolution: how to plan for them and how to make them happen.

Language: Hebrew

Level: Intermediate

Sagi Mann


Currently the co-founder and CTO of TROPHiT, the world's first mobile game gift-voucher platform, 20 years experience in the R&D industry, former 12 years Dev Manager and Senior Software Engineer in CA, Technology Mentor in IDC Hertzliya's Zell Entrepreneurship Program, 3 years IDF Technology Institute (Mamram) member and distinguished graduate, BSc in Computer Science (Tel Aviv Academic College).

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