If you build it, it is no dream

Ari Sprung


The Red Alert mobile app sends a push notification and a distinct alarm listing the location and time of the projected missile strike. This is the story about an app which solved a national security concern and saved lives. It’s about the challenges I experienced while creating an app during time of war in 48 hours, with no sleep, and a box of turkish coffee. I will address the the importance of recognizing being “at the right place at the right time” which along with quick thinking and optimized execution can get you over a million downloads and international recognition.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Ari Sprung

Android Dev - Yo

In 2012 Ari developed the android "Red Alert" app in his basement to provide real-time alerts when rockets are fired into Israel. "RedAlert" has over a million downloads and has been featured in the NYT, CNN & Fast Company. In 2013, Ari was named one of the top 10 mobile developers by GeekTime. Sprung teaches an Android development course at Hebrew University, training the next generation of mobile developers. Ari lives in Jerusalem with his wife & 2 kids.

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