Lessons from the parallel universe

Itamar Tayer


From multi core processors to distributed computing, concurrent programming models are becoming critical in the software world today. GPars, the concurrency library for the groovy language, offers developers intuitive and safe ways to handle Java or Groovy tasks concurrently. We will discuss the problems with the existing threading paradigm and demonstrate several use cases where GPars models may come in handy.

Language: Hebrew

Level: Intermediate

Itamar Tayer

Back end leader and system architect - CoolaData

Software expert, now-days working as the system architect and back-end leader in CoolaData, building a cloud based analytic warehouse for big data. After over 15 years acting in different roles as part of the software industry, likes to explore the relation between software architecture, development practices and organizational culture. Married and has 3 adorable kids.

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