Getting Your next Android Project Right

Gilad Haimov


Getting Your next Android Project Right Avoiding the common mistakes on your way to a great mobile project Section 1: Respect Device resources Section 2: User Experience: Slickness is everything Section 3: Awareness: Know What's Around you Section 4: Server Push if your friend: Section 5: Cross-OS Platforms Section 6: Mobile Testing is different. Summary & Questions

Language: Hebrew

Level: Intermediate

Gilad Haimov

CEO - Mobile Edge Ltd.

An expert Android platform developer Technological adviser to leading Israeli mobile technology companies. Guest lecturer at Tel Aviv University on Mobile Networking. Lectures both in Israel & abroad on Advanced Mobile Technologies. Open source contributor: BTWiz async Bluetooth library. Brings over 19 tears of experience in developing, designing, managing and mentoring highly complex R&D projects. Special experience in image processing algorithms, communication protocols, Android internals, cloud computing and complex graphics. CEO of Mobile Edge Ltd.

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