SpriteKit Intro: How to make a Flappy Bird type of game in less than a day.

Maayan Zalevas


In this session, we will get to know the basic functionalities of SpriteKit by observing a simple test case in the form of a Flappy Bird type of game. We will see how easy it is to code such a game from start to finish using SpriteKit, in even less than a day! The session will revolve around the following topics: - Create a new SpriteKit application template. - Decide on the physics your game will follow. - Setup the main character. - Start main character movement. - Adding obstacles. - Adding collision detection logic. - Finishing touches: adding sounds, score and a main screen.

Language: Hebrew

Level: Beginner

Maayan Zalevas

Senior Team Leader - Zemingo Group

The Zemingo Studio, Zemingo Group: Zemingo is a creative studio for mobile apps. We are an agile team of engineers that set the goal of developing state of the art, custom designed mobile applications. Our philosophy is to design and develop architecturally robust, scalable and modular software that works.

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