C10K and beyond

Uri Shamay


The C10K problem (concurrently handling ten thousand connections) bothers any infrastructure that is aimed to scale, moving one notch up the scale ladder to a high performance client/server is something that any company is bound to do in our era. In this talk I will inspect the concurrency models of that problem from Java perspective, starting with the old fashioned model of thread per connection, into the most widely used concurrency model of Event-driven/Actors, and the latest groundbreaking model of pseudo-synchronous with lightweight threads called Fibers/coroutines.

Language: Hebrew

Level: Intermediate

Uri Shamay

Lead Developer - Juno

A computer geek and Mechanical-Sympathy junky. Lives and breathes computers and programming since the age of 9. He lead the infrastructure development in the Israeli startup Cotendo. After it was acquired by Akamai, he became a principal lead on next generation internet infrastructure. Today he is the lead developer at Juno - a new and exciting startup - building services for millions of users. He is also a co-founder of Java.IL, and an open source contributor. His favorite hobby: drinking coffee in the morning with the smell of CPU & GPU after a long night's computation cycle.

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