JVM Memory Model

Yoav Abrahami


The JVM memory model describes how threads in the Java eco-system interact through memory. While the memory model impact on developing for the JVM may not be obvious, it is the cause for certain number of "anomalies" that are, well, by design. In this presentation we will explore the aspects of the memory model - what it defines, including things like reordering of instructions, volatile members, monitors, atomics and JIT. Each anomaly will be explored via running code samples.

Language: Hebrew

Level: Beginner

Yoav Abrahami

Chief Architect - Wix.com

Yoav Abrahami is the Chief Architect at Wix.com, working with developers and operations to build the company's future products as well as accelerating and improving development processes. Prior to joining Wix, Yoav was an Architect at Amdocs Cramer OSS division.

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