core.async, Clojure take on async programming

Ronen Narkis


Async programming made prevalent in the couple of last years mainly due to higher performance characteristics and the common use of Javascript where callbacks are the only way of having background processing. Clojure that has been long been renounced for its concurrency primitives has now an exciting new channel based async programming library. It combines higher performance and scalability with the terseness and composition that Clojure offers. core.async fully supports Clojurescript (Javascript version of Clojure) alleviating the need to use callbacks thus cleaning up the code and solv

Language: Hebrew

Level: Intermediate

Ronen Narkis

freelanc devop/architect - self-employed

A Clojurist Rubiest and aspiring Erlangist with passion for fringe useful technology ranging from Devops to large scale data crunching and plain out of the mil unix treasure troves (heck iv been doing Angular JS lately so there isn't any limit really). Iv been filling the lead architect title, which in my book means coding and driving change using moderate elbow work

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